Joan Brown at UNTITLED, Jan. 12-14, 2018

San Francisco 2018
Anglim Gilbert Gallery, Booth #C2
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to participate in the UNTITLED, San Francisco art fair, presented this year at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Facing the Pacific Fact is a presentation that explores art made with critical awareness of West Coast culture. The cross-pollination of Eastern and Western civilizations results in a fusion of Asian and European imagery and ideas. Living on the edge of a land mass in geological and climate transition, these artists incorporate the politics of this region, one of the world’s top economies that more and more artists feel defines a state of mind. The presentation includes Joan Brown, Deborah Butterfield, Bruce Conner, Bruno Fazzolari, Jacob Hashimoto, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Judith Linhares, Tom Marioni, John Roloff, Robert Stone, Catherine Wagner, Martin Wong, and John Zurier.

Joan Brown (1938-1990) was a San Francisco native whose career as a painter was the vehicle for her exploration of myriad possibilities for self-awareness. Taking the Pacific Ocean as a literal and physical challenge, she swam in it and chronicled this vision quest metaphor in paintings. This rite of passage opened up her engagement with Asian religions.