Joan Brown discusses her artistic process.

Joan Brown on swimming in the San Francisco Bay.

Joan Brown on engaging her audience.

Joan Brown talks about the personal growth she has experienced as an artist.

Noel Neri, son of artist Joan Brown, talks about Brown as a mother and an artist.

An overview of the work of Joan Brown, with interviews from George Adams,
the artist’s longtime gallerist; Susan Krane, San Jose Museum of Art Director; Jodi
Throckmorton, Associate Curator at the San Jose Museum of Art; and son Noel Neri.

Karen Tsujimoto, former curator at the Oakland Museum of California, organized
Joan Brown’s 1996 retrospective, The Art of Joan Brown. She speaks about Brown
and her work on the occasion of the San Jose Museum of Art exhibition.

Joan Brown interviews: archival footage from Joan Brown, 1979, produced and directed by Kate Horsfield and Lyn Blumenthal © Video Data Bank, Chicago; photographs © Colin McRae; QuickTime movies © San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

All other interviews © The Estate of Joan Brown.